Home Buyers Steps to Transfer Utilities for Sanibel and Captiva

Steps to Ensure a Smooth Closing

One of the crucial steps in the home buying process is ensuring a smooth transfer of utilities. Waiting until the last minute or neglecting to coordinate with the seller can lead to unexpected fees and complications, potentially causing delays in getting your utilities up and running. Especially in the hot summers of Southwest Florida, moving into a new home without electricity can be quite challenging. To help you avoid such hassles, whether you are just starting your home buying journey or nearing your settlement date, here are our recommendations for a seamless transition. 

General Tips

  • Start Early:
    Begin the process at least two weeks before your closing date. Review the list of utility providers below to determine which services you'll need to transfer or establish. 
  • Collaborate with Your Real Estate Advisor:
    Ensure that your real estate professional is working closely with the listing agent to facilitate a smooth transition. Sellers should notify their utility providers of the closing date to allow you to transfer services efficiently. Remember that transferring utilities is generally easier and more cost-effective than starting new services from scratch. 
  • Buyer's Responsibility on Closing Day
    In Florida, the buyer takes ownership on the closing day, so it's crucial to have utilities transferred to your name on this date. Be prepared with all necessary information, including your address, phone number, social security number, and, if applicable, business details like FEIN and legal business name. 

Lee County Resident Information

To learn more about your new home or a home you are interested in purchasing, use Lee County's Resident Information Tool to learn about government, utilities, emergencies and amenities.

Homeowner and Condominium Associations

Consult your dedicated real estate advisor to determine what your homeowner or condominium association covers and what you are responsible for. 

Major Utilities


Lee County Electric Cooperative (LCEC)


The Island Water Association






  • Contact the City of Sanibel Finance Department to provide your home address, mailing address and closing date.


  • Not applicable

Television, Telephone & Internet

These services are usually more personal, and you can sign up for them as per your preference. Consider providers such as: 

Additional Recommendations

Address Change

US Postal Service: Change of Address  

Homestead and Other Exemptions: 

Florida residents may have some benefits that can assist in reducing their tax liability. Residents should review the information and complete the appropriate application(s).  

Voter Registration: 


Vehicle Registration: 


Driver’s License: 

Lee County Tolls: 


Other Helpful Vendors for Your Move to Florida: 

Consider reaching out to the seller's preferred vendors for a seamless transition. Your real estate advisor can help you obtain a list of the current seller's vendors. However, if you prefer new recommendations or have specific needs, feel free to explore our vendor list: 


By following these steps and guidelines, you can ensure a smooth transition of utilities and minimize any potential complications or delays when moving into your new Southwest Florida home. 


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